Do Fake Doctor’s Notes Really Work?

If you are one of the many people that have considered using a fake doctor’s note to take a day off, you are not alone. In fact, most people wonder if they can actually get away with using a fake document at their place of employment. Do fake doctor’s notes really work? Most are afraid that they will get caught and be fired or written up. Students are afraid it could cause damage to their grade card at the end of the year. The fact of the matter is, fake doctor’s notes do work, and people use them all the time. The trick is to use a form that looks authentic and to not use this “get out of jail free card” too often. If you need dr. excuses, go to this page.

Is a Doctor’s Note Necessary?

Before choosing a free printable doctors note, you need to determine why you need one in the first place. If you want a day off to rest, or if you are going on a luxurious vacation, the type of excuse may vary. For instance, if you just need one day off, a single doctor’s appointment would be sufficient. However, if you want a week in the tropics, you are going to need a hospital stay excuse. The first and most important step about creating a fake doctors note is finding a note that matches the circumstances. Using doctor’s notes that don’t match the circumstances is a big red flag to administration. For instance, if you had the common flu bug and were gone for a week, well that might be suspicious.


Never Purchase a Doctor’s Note Without An Example

There are numerous sites that allow you to purchase a fake doctors note. However, be leery about committing to any purchase until you have seen the excuse. You need to be able to see the example, and you should choose the right note for your circumstances. After viewing many documents, you can select the one that best first your needs. Then the key is to use the template and personalize the fake doctor’s note to your circumstances.

Knowing What To Look For

Before you can pick a good fake doctors note, you need to examine a real excuse. These excuses are commonly written on a prescription pad, or they will type something with a letterhead on it. They always have the doctor’s name at the top. It will also include documentation like the phone number and address of business. If the doctor is a specialist, like an internist, they may have that listed above with the other pertinent information. The paper is the real key; it almost always has some sort of watermark or design in the background. This gives the note authentication. By looks alone, a supervisor can look at the fake doctor’s note and see that it looks authentic, therefore they will ask no questions. You might want to check out our doctor’s note page.

a physician's template excuse

a doctor’s note

The Note Must Be Verifiable

While the HIPAA laws don’t help in many circumstances, for a fake doctor’s note they are perfect. See, there are not many things that your employer can call and ask medical staff about you or your condition. Your boss is probably pretty well versed in what is acceptable and what is not. A boss cannot call a medical facility and ask if you were seen, or what your condition is. What they can do is verify that the phone number and doctor both work there. That is why the information on the fake doctor’s note has to be verifiable. It sounds difficult but it isn’t. The supplier of the doctor’s notes must have a voicemail system that answers the calls and verifies the information in some way. This is the difference between the cheap online doctor’s excuses and those that are a legitimate way to get a day off.  You might also want to check out our templates page.