Fake Dentist Note for Work – Your Hall-Pass to the Free Life?

The dentist’s note that you send in is going to be a little more careful than the note that you send in if you say that you are sick. Trying to take some time off to go to the dentist could be a big problem for you because dental offices are usually so small. There are states where people are not allowed to check on these notes, and there are some people in HR who would never check these note anyway. You just have to get on a template that is going to give you real results.

The Dental Matter

You could say that you had a dental emergency, but dental emergencies are very rare. Most people will never have one in their whole lifetime, so using up your one for right now could be a problem. You do not want to say that you had an emergency unless you really think that you can get away with it. Saying that you had an appointment is usually safer, but you still have to create a note that is going to be really convincing to the person that reads it.

The Note Format

You need to know the note formatting style of most of the people in the area so that you use the right one. Some people in HR might know what the expect, and you do not want to give them a note that is the wrong size or style. You can format the note in many different ways, but getting the size right is always a good place to start. Check out our dr. note template page.

The Writing

You should not write much of anything on a dentist note that you take in the office. The dentist’s note should just say that you came in for an appointment, and that should be the end of it. Do not try to sign the note, and do not think that you are going to have to write something special. Most of these notes just have spaces that you check off when you are filling them out, and people in HR will not blink an eye because they see a form that someone filled out. You might also want to check out our page on dr. excuses.

Keeping It Legit

Anything on the note that does not look professional is not going to feel legit to the person who reads it. Medical professionals have to use very basic language so that they are not speaking out of turn, and you would be much better off creating a dr. note that has almost no prose in it all. There are many generic notes that you can use that other dental offices will use around the area, and the generic notes are pretty familiar to the people working in HR.

Saving It For Later

You can save the template for later if you ever think you will need to use it again, but you have to make sure that it has been changed so that the next time you use it it might have come from a different office. Most people do not got o the same dentist forever, and most people cannot expect their dentist’s office to stay open forever. Saving the template in your computer will help you get back to it in the future.

Anyone who is looking for a way to get out of work because of a dental appointment should make sure that they have these notes ready to print from their own computers. You can store these notes, change them whenever you want and make sure that you have one ready to go if you ever need an excuse because you are not going to work that day.