Fake Hospital Note Excuse to Skip School / Work

Why Make a Fake Hospital Note?

Creating a fake hospital note for work or even school is all about making sure that you have created something no one would ever question. The notes that you are trying to create are going to feel very professional, and you are going to have a very good chance of just printing them when you need them.

The fake hospital note is always a little more difficult because it implies that you went to the hospital. The hospitals will provide you with very specific types of hospital papers so they can be difficult to fake.

Not to worry! You can make your fake hospital papers look real by following the tutorial below. Our free template will get you started, and you can use your own knowledge to complete the job. Use this list of hospital job positions to help you pick the correct person to write your fake hospital note.

Designing a Fake Hospital Note

You need to make a note that looks very dry and professional. Don’t go using that flowered stationary or any fancy, cute designs. Your hospital note needs to look like it came from a real hospital, not the printer in your mother’s basement.

People who work in he medical field have to be very bland in their descriptions because they have to be careful about what they say in writing, so the note has to look like it came from the desk of a hospital administrator or doctor that you have never met before.

This means that you need to be very careful about what you write, and you need to design the template so that it looks like it came from the desk of a high ranking hospital official.

How to Word Your Falsified Hospital Note

The words that are used in these notes have to seem like they came from the pen of a middle-aged hospital employee who chooses their words very carefully. You might surprise yourself with the dry language you can create, and you have to keep using that dry language when you are writing the note.

Do not try to do anything cute or personal. The hospital os only allowed to say that you were there, not give specifics of your illness, and no one is really going to check it if it looks legitimate anyhow. Click here to read up on using doctor’s note templates.

fake hospital excuse note

This is an example of the employee who will be writing your hospital discharge papers.

What Size Paper Will You Use?

Real hospital notes could come on a normal sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, or they could be printed on something that looks like a small notepad.

You need to figure our what is more commonly used in your area, and then try to replicate that paper as close as possible when you are printing out your notes.

Anyone who has created these notes before needs to know what kind of paper they are using, and they need to make sure that the note is just printed in black and white. Trying to add logos and other things to make the notes look more legit could actually cause more problems than you think.

For example, if you try to make a fake hospital note on and add special logos or clipart, you could end up using the wrong one and it will immediately let your employer know that the note is fake. Your note needs to be believable, so don’t try to overdo it by making it look pretty. Keep it simple!

For a regular doctor’s excuse, read this page.

The Signature

You typically do not have to sign the document because most real hospital discharge or ER notes do not have signatures. The people that make these notes are just going to hand them to you when you’re leaving the hospital, and you do not need to try to add a fancy signature.

Adding a fake signature to your note might cause more problems for you, and it is better to keep the note as simple as possible. The simplicity of your fake emergency room discharge note should be in the items that are printed on the page after you are finished with the template.

Now You’re Ready to Use Your Fake Excuse!

Creating a fake hospital note that is going to look legit is going to change the way you get out of work when you need a mental day off.

You do not need to do too much, but you do need to make sure that the note looks like it came from someone that actually provided you with medical care.

The people that are getting these notes never check them, and you should just send in something that looks legit. The note will not get a second thought, and you will get out of a day of work.