Doctor’s Excuse from the Web – What You NEED to Know

A student examining a doctor's excuse.

A student examining a doctor’s excuse.

Americans are the hardest working people in the world. We work longer hours and have fewer vacations than employees in almost every other country. In fact, many American workers have very little paid vacation at all. When we need a break from work or school, often the only option we have is to take sick time. Taking sick time can be a great way to relax for a few days but there is a catch: many employers and educational institutions require that provide a doctor’s excuse note to verify your medical condition. Fortunately, you can purchase these notes on websites to provide to your employer. Here are some things that you should know before you buy a doctor’s excuse note online. .


Before Using a Doctor’s Excuse: Know the Sick Time Policy for your Work or School

Many institutions will have a employee or student handbook that states their policy on sick time. You should read it and be familiar with the sick time rules. For example, many employers only require doctor’s excuses for absences longer than two days. If that is the case for your employer, you would not need to turn in a doctor’s excuse on Tuesday for calling in sick on Monday.

Know about Basic Medical Issues

Before you are going to turn in a doctor’s excuse note for your absence from work, you should have some basic medical knowledge. If your job involves manual labor, for example, a note from an orthopedic surgeon (back and joint doctor) would probably not be questioned, since your boss would not be surprised if you had back pain. However, an excuse from a plastic surgeon would raise a red flag.

Be a Smart Shopper for Doctor’s Excuses

The Internet is unlimited marketplace that has all kinds of sites trying to sell you something. Doctor’s notes are no exception. You should be a smart shopper and only use notes that:

– Do not look fake. It takes some research and graphic design skill to create a legit-looking doctor’s note.

– Are printable from your home printer. Sites that demand payment and do not provide you with instant access to print the documents should not get your business.

– Are customizable for your situation. Any doctor’s notes that you purchase should be able to be customized for your local area.

Selecting doctor’s excuses to use with your employer or school is an important decision. If you use the above tips, you can help yourself get the best notes. Please also check out our doctors note template page.