A Printable Fake Doctor’s Note – Do They Really Work for Work / School?

A fake doctor's note can look exactly like a real one.

The Legendary Fake Doctor’s Note

The old fake doctor’s note. If you are one of the many people that have considered using a fake doctor’s note to take a day off, you are not alone. In fact, most people wonder if they can actually get away with using a fake document at their place of employment. Do these things really work? Most are afraid that they will get caught and be fired or written up. Students are afraid it could cause damage to their grade card at the end of the year. The fact of the matter is, these documents do work, and people use them all the time. The trick is to use a form that looks authentic and to not use this “get out of jail free card” too often.

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Is a Fake Doctor’s Note Necessary?

Before choosing a fake doctor’s note, you need to determine why you need one in the first place. If you want a day off to rest, or if you are going on a luxurious vacation, the type of excuse may vary. For instance, if you just need one day off, a single medical appointment would be sufficient. However, if you want a week in the tropics, you are going to need a hospital stay excuse. The first and most important step about creating a fake dr. form is finding a note that matches the circumstances. Using notes that don’t match the circumstances is a big red flag to administration. For instance, if you had the common flu bug and were gone for a week, well that might be suspicious.

This kind of excuse is way more than the fake doctor’s note by itself.  This also means that you should live by what the note says. You can’t be as active as you were after having surgery right?  Showing up as if nothing ever happened. That will not end up well with you my friend, there’s a few circumstances you must live up to in order to completely make your employer believe the medical excuse you hand over to him. You must do it for the sake of your job.Even physicians can look nervous with notes.

Never Purchase a Note Without An Example

There are numerous sites that allow you to purchase a fake doctor’s note. However, be leery about committing to any purchase until you have seen the excuse. You need to be able to see the example, and you should choose the right note for your circumstances. After viewing many documents, you can select the one that best first your needs. Then the key is to use the template and personalize the note to your circumstances.

Knowing What To Look For in the Document

Before you can pick a good fake doctor’s note, you need to examine a real excuse. These excuses are commonly written on a prescription pad, or they will type something with a letterhead on it. They always have the physicians name at the top. It will also include documentation like the phone number and address of business. If the surgeon is a specialist, like an internist, they may have that listed above with the other pertinent information. The paper is the real key; it almost always has some sort of watermark or design in the background. This gives the note authentication. By looks alone, a supervisor can look at the fake form and see that it looks authentic, therefore they will ask no questions.

The Fake Doctor’s Note Must Be Verifiable

While the HIPAA laws don’t help in many circumstances, for faux note they are perfect. See, there are not many things that your employer can call and ask medical staff about you or your condition. Your boss is probably pretty well versed in what is acceptable and what is not. A boss cannot call a medical facility and ask if you were seen, or what your condition is. What they can do is verify that the phone number and doctor both work there. That is why the information on the fake note has to be verifiable. It sounds difficult but it isn’t. The supplier of the form must have a voicemail system that answers the calls and verifies the information in some way. This is the difference between the cheap online doctor’s excuses and those that are a legitimate way to get a day off. Please also check out our note template page.

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A fake doctor's note templateHow to Create an Excuse from a Free Fake Doctor’s Note Template

If you happen to be unprepared for an assignment, or if you simply need a day off work, you may find yourself with the only option of calling in sick. However, most teachers and employers will ask you to bring in a doctor’s note to prove that you were sick.  In other words, there is a very good chance that you don’t want to have to unnecessarily spend time and money going to the doctor when you simply need a day off. One simple solution is to simply give your work or teachers a fake doctor’s note template. A properly done fake doctor’s note template will nearly always be accepted without arousing suspicion. It is possible to download a fake doctor’s excuse template for free. However, you will need to know how to properly edit your fake doctor’s excuse template before turning it in.

Coming up with an Excuse to Go with the Doctor’s Note Template

The first thing you will need to do is to spend some time thinking. Come up with a backstory for why you had to miss out on school or work. It is important to give a very simple explanation such as you were suffering from a twenty-four hour flu, and that you could not go to work or school that day. Simply explain that you were vomiting, and that you felt overall bad. Tell your employer that you went to the doctor, and they told you that you had stomach flu. Your symptoms were unremarkable, and you got feeling better by pretty much sleeping for the entire day. This general excuse outline will sound normal, and it will avoid having your employer ask any follow up questions about the matter. The excuse will also allow you to avoid having them ask if you are feeling better for days and days afterwards.  You need the kind of story you will have an easy time reciting.

Coming Up with a Note to Go with Your Template

Like your excuse, you should also keep your fake doctor’s note template as simple as possible. It is important that doctors hate having to deal with slightly sick patients who are simply at their office because their employers are making them go for a note. This means that you should make your note look like a receptionist spend a couple minutes typing it up, and a doctor scribbled a signature on it while trying to get you out of their office.

The best way to fill out your fake doctor’s note template is to simply fill in the information on the template. This will require you to put down the date, time, and the name of the office you went to. The note will also require you to put in the name of a doctor. It is a good idea to simply look up a random general practitioner in your area, and put down their name and contact information. It is important to remember that doctors can’t tell anyone that you are a patient, and so your employer will not be able to verify if you actually went to see that doctor. It is also important to remember to put down no information about your state of health on the fake doctor’s note. This is because doctors do not write this information down on a note, and it is pretty much the only way that a teacher or employer can actually show that the note was fake.

Once you have your doctor’s note template completed, you can simply print it out with your desktop printer. You should then have a roommate sign the doctors note for you. Please also check out our doctors excuse page. If you need great doctor’s note templates, go to bestfakedoctorsnotes.net. To learn about physician’s notes, go to our homepage.