Using Fake Medical Notes / Forms  to Excuse You From Work

Do you ever feel overworked and in need of a vacation from work or school? Don’t worry we all do at some point in time in our life. Unfortunately, our need for a break does not guarantee that our request for time off will be approved. So what do we do when our request is denied. Do we continue to work and wear ourselves thin or do we take the needed break? For individuals find themselves in this predicament, there is a possibly a solution for you. In situations such as these a fake doctor’s note can come to the rescue. A fake doctor’s note can excuse your brief break from work or school and prevent you from being penalized for your absence. Though doctor’s notes can help to excuse your absence they can also cause you to get into trouble. Many people are found out because they choose to create their own fake medical notes. These individuals blindly create notes that are easy to spot as a fake doctor’s note.

Bogus Excuses

Making your own doctor’s note can cause your employer to become suspicious, exposing you. One of the reasons this occurs is due to the bogus excuses that individuals place in the fake doctor’s note that they create. The notes that come from doctor offices and other medical facilities will contain information that is accurate and that makes sense. Without knowledge about certain ailments you may place information in your doctor’s note that will quickly raise red flags. You may place an ailment in your doctor’s note that requires you to be away from work for at least a week but the instructions in your doctor’s note allows you to return to work in 24 hours. This information does not match up and can easily cause your note to be revealed as a fake. Instead of turning in a medical note that could easily be spotted as a fake, use a note that has been created by knowledgeable individuals. You might also want to check out this page:

Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes are easy to make when creating your own medical note. These mistakes may be looked over when you perform a grammar check in Word or other word processing applications. Though you may not be able to identify such errors, your supervisor or Human Resources person may be able to spot them easily. When these errors are easily spotted, they will make your medical not look unprofessional thus leading to the note being discovered as a fake. Do not allow this to happen to you. Download a medical note that has been professionally edited and ready for you to use. These notes have been proofread and guaranteed to be error free. You might also want to read our dr. note template page.

Formatting Errors

A fake doctor’s note can help to easily excuse your absence from school or work. In the event that you create your own note then you increase the risk of getting caught. This is because you are more than likely to make a formatting error. The format of a doctor’s note includes items such as the heading, font style and size, and even the greetings and closings. Creating a fake doctor’s note without knowledge about how it should be properly formatted could attract unwanted attention to the note which could cause you to be found out.

Don’t risk repercussions by creating your own fake medical note. Download a doctor’s note that is sure to make sense, be error free, and that is properly formatted.

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